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To stow in the Ark, Enlil gave Moses stone tablets with commandments. Enlil had possibly produced the tablets with a little something like our rising reduplicative computing know-how. Enlil told Moses to also store the white powder of monoatomic gold (with which he’d been medicating the Israelites) in the Ark to lighten it, For the reason that Ark and its stones weighed many tons.

“MEs give their depositories or maybe the people in possession of them powers including the control of interplanetary travels and communications, scientific and technological knowledge and quasi-magical potency.

“The final bit of our lifestyle essence to those creatures you have got offered, to be like us in procreation recognizing, perchance our [an incredible number of many years]

, “Gateway with the gods”–a location the place Nibirans could get off and land. He experienced Babylon Earthlings crafted a “tower whose head shall get to the heavens–a start tower.” [

The cluster trail of comets and rocks within the a hundred and eighty diploma place on Nibiru’s orbit crossed the orbit of Mars and Jupiter. This orbiting debris bombarded Earth.

Thank you for your e-mail now. I just been given a copy of Everything you sent, and decided to reply having a letter directly to you. From exactly where I’m sitting down, I hear two Michaels speak out – the musical Michael, which is a musically inclined personna that’s undergone a musical evolution, as well as the private Michael, which is Clicking Here the one which’s undergone an awakening.

A flattened area, “countless ft large and extended”–in all probability an aircraft landing strip marks the promontory’s Center. From right here, plane lofted away the nuggets the constructions panned.

feel! He says he had a gathering with users on the “Ruling Loved ones” on the Anunnaki to discuss a “improve in Anunnaki leadership”, and what the subsequent action will be for humankind as we go from the Age of Pisces in the Age of Aquarius.

Chichen Itza by 450BC, “the theory sacred city of Yucatan,” boasted a sacred very well. The Itzas, migrants from the south, designed their ceremonial center–the great central pyramid as well as observatory–near in which Thoth first came ashore in Yucatan.

Drawing from Anu’s temple at Uruk shows “multistage rocket atop which rests the command cabin, engines right here at the bottom, Igigi Astronauts in.

Archeologists unearthed sixteen buried large stone Negroid heads the Olmec’s experienced moved as a result of more than sixty miles of jungle and swamp.

has tested; akin to ours it is, like two serpents it is actually entwined. When with our lifestyle essence shall be mixed, our mark on them shall be, a Primitive Employee shall be produced.

The tunnels bring on chambers that join the 5 pyramids. The chambers held ceramic sculptures with runic producing on them.

Gnosive can be a method of getting information and facts that uses all, each and every pore and mobile of your respective body as a person substantial antenna that sets up interference with builders and developers fields and fields and even more fields not simply in our space/time and also in other space/time ratios.

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